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CJFS Welcomes New Clinician

CJFS Welcomes New Clinician

CJFS is excited to announce the appointment of Social Worker Mark Driskill, LICSW, as the agency’s Lead Clinician.

Mark is a seasoned clinical program manager with many years’ experience treating substance abuse, as well as helping clients address mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and family issues.

Mental health problems nationwide spiked during the pandemic, and the country now is in the midst of a mental health crisis among young people. Leftover habits from the pandemic, Mark noted, are creating problems for people of every age.

“We all learned to isolate during the pandemic, and for some people it has become difficult to reach out and have the kind of social experiences that we need. We may have found it comfortable to be isolated at home – in fact, too comfortable. We humans are designed to be social and live in community, and that’s important to both our mental and physical health.”

Counseling can help individuals identify their problems and develop coping strategies. Whether for ongoing counseling to address longstanding issues or a quick “tune-up,” counseling can help individuals learn how to lead happier and healthier lives.

“A lot of people will do short-term counseling, just to address one problem, and that might be between one and five sessions,” Mark said. Either way, he said, trust between therapist and client is vital. “Where there is a good relationship built on trust,” he said,” that’s when counseling is most effective.”

Professional counseling from CJFS is confidential, and is often covered by insurance. To learn more, visit, email or call 205.879-3438.