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    For a Daughter in Texas, "A Godsend"  Most older adults want to keep living at home, even as they bec...

  • Counselor's Corner

    "Healthy Boundaries = Healthier Relationships" Have you ever found yourself wondering why you feel confident in one relationship yet inept in an...

  • Free Rides for Vision Care
    Going to the eye doctor? Buz-A-Bus now offers FREE rides for vision care thanks to a gen...
  • Cyber Seniors Program

    Learn to use your Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop, working one-on-one with UAB and/or Samford students. There is no charge for Cyber Seniors

Welcome to CJFS, a non-profit organization with a long-standing commitment, based in Jewish values, to care for people of every faith. We serve individuals and families at every stage of life, with a special focus on supporting independence and enriching quality of life for older adults.

CJFS is here to find solutions that work for you and your family.

Our staff is unmatched in its ability to identify and address the needs of older adults and their families; to provide guidance, information, education and support services; and to act as a connection to family members and outside resources. Most importantly, we are caring, compassionate and professional.

If you have an older adult in your life, call us … We are here for you!

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