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Honor Our Parents

Honor Our Parents

“Honor Our Parents” Retirement Community Connections – Bring Jewish flavors and traditions to those who may no longer be able to participate in Jewish life the way they once did. Share a challah on Shabbat, shake a Lulav on Sukkot, spin a dreidel on Chanukah, plan a Seder on Passover or just provide a friendly connection to the Jewish Community any day of the week at a retirement facility where a Jewish person lives. Through ‘Honor Our Parents’, Collat Jewish Family Services works with retirement communities, volunteers, Jewish professionals, agencies and congregations to connect with Jewish seniors.

This program began with funding from donor Bernice Barstein, who established the ‘Honor Our Parents’ Fund as part of the CJFS Endowment at the Birmingham Jewish Foundation. With a grant from the Birmingham Jewish Foundation in 2012, we were able to expand ‘Honor Our Parents’ to include two retirement communities.

Programs include:

  • Monthly Shabbat services at Greenbriar at the Altamont and Brookdale at University Park retirement communities.
  • Programming on and around Jewish holidays at retirement communities throughout Birmingham.
  • Outreach visits to individual Jewish seniors, to establish a relationship or to consider their current needs.

For more information or to schedule an outreach visit, contact Lynn Rathmell at or 205.879.3438, ext. 7105.