What is Care Management - and How Can it Help My Family?

 by Marcy Morgenbesser, LICSW

It’s impossible to talk about the work of CJFS without using the term “Care Management.” It’s at the heart of all we do – and yet, because it can take so many forms, Care Management can be challenging to understand.

So, what is Care Management? Care Management can include a range of activities that help individuals, families and caregivers manage health, mental health and social needs.

What are the goals of Care Management? While the goals of care management are unique to each client and his or her circumstances, the overarching goals of care management are:

-to improve health and mental health by increasing access to care and supporting preventative and ongoing care

-to increase and support independence by putting resources into place to ensure safety and quality of life while living in the community

-to provide support and guidance in understanding the complex systems and network of resources available

-and to honor self-determination through involvement in one’s own care, as able.

At CJFS, our team of Social Workers has extensive experience with providing Care Management services.  Supports and services from CJFS may include:

-Assessing needs, strengths, goals and challenges

-Conducting home visits and outreach

-Coordinating referrals and appointments and providing assistance in getting to appointments

-Facilitating the exchange of information between health care providers, caregivers and other service providers

-Providing guidance and support during transitions of care

-Navigating the health care and health insurance systems

-Managing referrals to community and government resources for such needs as housing, financial assistance, government benefits and food

-Advocating for improved access to resources, addressing challenges to accessing services, highlighting high priority needs of the people we support and “get things done” on behalf of our clients


The licensed clinical social workers of CJFS are experts in providing Care Management for older adults and support services for their families. Have questions? Contact Marcy Morgenbesser, LICSW, marcy@cjfsbham.org or 205.278.7101.