Welcome, Tangi and Marcy, Our New Team Members

CJFS is proud to introduce our two newest staff members, Clinical Programs Director Marcy Morgenbesser and Bus-A-Bus Driver Tangi Parker.

Marcy is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with more than 30 years of program leadership, management and clinical experience in behavioral health, medical and community service settings in Massachusetts. Organizations, where Marcy has served in leadership roles, include Advocates, Tufts Health Plan, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates (formerly Harvard Community Health Plan), McLean Hospital and Massachusetts Mental Health Center.

A native of Queens, NY, Marcy earned a Master of Social Work at Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts from State University of New York at Binghamton.

At CJFS, Marcy oversees all client care and support functions, including counseling, older adult services, and transportation. “Since my first visit to CJFS, I’ve been impressed by the staff’s passion for the work we do and commitment to the people we serve,” Marcy said. “The need for older adult services is growing, and as we grow it’s crucial that CJFS continue to provide the exceptional guidance and support for which we’re known,” she added. “One of my goals is to enhance our ability to measure client outcomes, which will help ensure that as we adapt to changing needs, we continue to provide the very best service for our clients.”  

Buz-A-Bus Driver Tangi Parker comes to CJFS from ClasTran, where she served as a driver for older and disabled adults for nearly 7 years. “I’ve always enjoyed being with older people, ever since I was young. My great grandmother used to teach quilting and crafts at the retirement home where she lived, and I was her helper,” Tangi recalled.

Tangi, a native of Birmingham, joined the staff of CJFS in June and since then has been busy getting to know our regular riders. “We take our riders to the doctor, the grocery store, on social visits – wherever they want to go,” Tangi said. “In the Birmingham area, it’s hard to live independently without a car,” she added. “It feels good to know that with the Buz-A-Bus, people who don’t drive can take care of their everyday business and see their friends and family – all the things that enrich life for people of every age.”

To learn more about counseling or older adult services from CJFS, please contact Marcy Morgenbesser, marcy@cjfsbham.org or 205.879.7101.

To learn more about riding the Buz-A-Bus, please call our Bus line, 205.870.1010.