CJFS Now Offers "Smart Therapy"

FaceTime, Skype make professional counseling more accessible

The professional counselors of CJFS are always seeking to make group and individual therapy more accessible - whether that means serving clients at home or basing fees on a client’s ability to pay.

Through such apps as FaceTime and Skype, CJFS “Smart Therapy” now enables clients to meet with a therapist via smartphone, tablet or computer.

“This is helpful for people who can’t travel to our office – perhaps because of a packed work or school schedule or because they lack reliable transportation,” said CJFS Licensed Clinical Social Worker Catherine Findley. “It’s also convenient for clients who normally meet with us in person but are in a situation that makes this difficult, such as travel or a family emergency.”

When teens leave home for college, it’s often helpful if they can continue working with a therapist they’ve gotten to know. Through video conferencing, they can easily continue counseling as they transition into life away from home. “It’s also a technology that feels comfortable for many young people,” Catherine added.

For a busy professional, it may be easier to schedule a therapy schedule over a lunch break if time doesn’t need to be allocated for driving.

CJFS counselors have always offered telephone sessions for clients who couldn’t schedule an in-person meeting. What’s new, with such apps as FaceTime and Skype, is the ability for therapist and client to see as well as hear each other.

“In a conversation, seeing the facial expressions and body language of the other person gives us one more tool toward understanding what’s being said,” Catherine said.

CJFS provides individual and group therapy for family, relationship and parenting issues, as well as depression, anxiety, grief and other problems. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Clinical Director Stu Jaffe, stu@cjfsbham.org or 205.879.3438.