Sheila Gulley: Getting My Life Back

Sheila Gulley: Getting My Life Back with CJFS

2011 has not been a good year for Sheila Gulley, but it’s getting better. Because of smoke damage that they could not afford to repair, Sheila, her husband, and her disabled son were living in the basement of their rental home when it was made uninhabitable by a tornado on April 27. The Gulleys lost everything they owned when the tornado hit, including their car and their photos, leaving only the clothes on their backs. FEMA officials connected Sheila to the United Way 211 Crisis line, and United Way, in turn, introduced Sheila to CJFS social worker Claire Harris. As the Case Manager, Claire has helped Sheila navigate through the endless paperwork and available resources to help put her family back on track.

Sheila raves about Claire with fondness, calling her “the best social worker because it's hard to find someone to stick with you and help you out.” Claire got to know Sheila and assess all of her needs in order to present her case to the team at United Way and get help from collaborating agencies who are working together for tornado relief. She coordinated services to help Sheila get Section 8 housing for her family, groceries from our food closet, and furniture and appliances donated to Salvation Army by community merchants, Standard Furniture and Lowe’s. Claire is still trying to find a vehicle for Sheila, so CJFS is seeking information on a reasonably priced running vehicle for this family. To help Sheila, contact Claire.

Sheila is very grateful for her contact with CJFS and is on her way to getting her life back.


If you or someone you know is seeking tornado relief, please have them phone the United Way Information Line at 2-1-1.

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