Robin and Bart Kolber: Why We Give

“My dad always said, ‘If you have a penny, give a penny,’ “Robin Kolber recalls. “He also said, ‘Never judge a person by their shoes.’ “

Paul Rich passed away in 1999, but his generosity and compassion clearly live on through Robin and her husband, Bart. Robin and Bart support CJFS in many ways, including yearly gifts to the CJFS Friends campaign, our annual campaign that will end on Dec. 31.

The Kolbers, who have been CJFS Friends for decades, know firsthand how important CJFS services can be to seniors. Bart’s late mother, Ruth, benefited from care coordination and other CJFS services in her later years, and she also enjoyed visits from CJFS volunteers.  “CJFS was there for our family, and it means the world to both of to be able to help seniors in this way,” Robin explains. “There are so many people who don’t have family, or their family is far away.”

The Kolbers appreciate that CJFS serves people of every background, race and religion. “It’s essential to have a resource such as CJFS, because of the growing demand as our population ages,” Bart says. “I do believe Birmingham is a fortunate community to have an agency that reaches out to everybody, not just people of the Jewish faith.”

Join Bart and Robin in supporting the CJFS Friends campaign! You can give online at ,

call 205.879.3438

or mail your check to CJFS, 3940 Montclair Rd, Ste 205, 35213.