Medicare Part D, November 2016

CJFS made Medicare Part D EASY, Susan PadoveMedicare Part D Made EASY

When it was time for Maud Belser to choose her Medicare  prescription drug plan, she was a bit intimidated.  “It was so complicated, I didn’t think I could do it by myself,” she recalled. Fortunately, Maud heard that CJFS Assistant Case Manager Amy Peetluk helps dozens of seniors each year select the right Medicare Part D plan. “I would recommend that anyone use Amy. She helped me go through the steps and understand my choices, to get what I needed,” Maud said. “I couldn’t have done it without her knowledgeable help.”

A few weeks ago, Susan, pictured above, and Stuart Padove returned to CJFS to use Amy’s services for the second consecutive year. “Amy went over all the available plans and found the ones that worked for each of us,” Susan said. “She was fast and it was well worth our time. “ Last year, Amy saved her clients more than $66,500 in premiums and co-pays.

To schedule a consultation with Amy, email or call 278-7131. Medicare Part D Consultation at CJFS is free, but donations are most welcome. The 2016 deadline for choosing a new prescription plan is December 7.

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