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Is Your Life Measuring Up?

By Stu Jaffe, LICSW, Clinical Director

For the many of us on Facebook, Instagram, and related media sources, it’s fun to admire other people’s vacations and celebrations – however, it’s important to realize that these platforms are strongly biased toward showing the upside of life. If it seems that everyone but you is living a charmed life, please, do not trick yourself into believing that only you are living a life less than extraordinary.

Every human being that I have the pleasure of knowing experiences a broad range of emotions each day, some inspired, others less so. In the face of an unending stream of happy social media posts from everyone we know (and a few we may barely know) how do we remember that life for everyone includes pleasure AND pain, happiness AND sadness?

In my own life, I find these practices helpful:

  • By living in the moment each day, I optimize my potential for seeing good and feeling satisfied with the moment.
  • Only when I peer into the past with regret, or into the future with fear, do I lose this sense of peace and contentment.
  • Every day, I make time for physical exercise. I do so not only for the fitness benefits but also for the emotional and mental health benefits.
  • I walk my puppy or spend time with a friend and feel uplifted by their company.
  • Every moment that resembles an “a-ha!” or extraordinary moment, I take time to honor and record in my Gratitude Journal.
  • When darker moments present, I take note and let go. I question the validity of the negative thought/experience and consider whether other truths may be at play.
  • I savor time with my loved ones, embracing each opportunity to be with them.
  • I appreciate that I am blessed with many talents and experiences that I can use to serve others.

I wish for each of you the opportunity to recognize and enjoy the blessings in your life, the ability to realistically manage challenges and the insight to understand that EVERYONE, no matter how extraordinary their life may seem, faces highs AND lows.  

Peace, Stu


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