David Reese: Volunteer a Little Time

David Reese: Volunteering...Just a Little Time at CJFS Bham

I was recently asked to write about my volunteer experiences with Collat Jewish Family Services. Where do I start? I worked for 37 years, 5 days a week and did not think I had time to volunteer. I really didn’t give it a try. I wish now I had started much earlier.

I have volunteered in many ways for CJFS. I have stuffed contribution letters for the Friends Campaign, tied bows around packs of tribute cards, and worked in the Food Closet. Seeing all of the food that is donated and helping restock the shelves is very rewarding. People do contribute in such a generous manner.

One of my neatest experiences with CJFS was to fill in for Don, the Buz-A-Bus driver. I actually drove the CJFS car to help transport elderly people to their doctor’s appointments or other engagements. What a great service this is that CJFS provides for our community.

I would have to say, however, that my favorite time spent volunteering at CJFS has been as a "Friendly Visitor." I have worked with two families. What you do is simple; just spend time with these people who can’t get out on their own, for one reason or another. You talk, go to the grocery store or Wal-Mart, take them to lunch, etc... What started out as helping these families with everyday routine things has allowed me to make new friends. I want to mention one, Phyllis Bass. I now count her now as my friend not just a "Friendly Visitor" family.

Thank you CJFS for helping me see that it does not take a lot of time to volunteer, just a little desire to help others. And you are paid back in smiles and hugs and gratitude!

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!!!

David Reese

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