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Counselor's Corner_August 2016

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  This Month’s Counselor’s Corner

Never Too Old for Love and Adventure
by Catherine Findley, LCSW
catherine_Findley_in_burgundy_sweaterIn the old days, you would likely meet Mr. or Mrs. Right at college, on the job, through family and friends, or maybe at a bar. Today, people are increasingly getting together through online dating. The over 50 set is the fastest-growing segment of people using online dating to meet people. You are never too old to try something new, and perhaps to find your perfect match! Plus, it can be fun!
Here are some tips to help you on your way:
1.  Do your homework. Some dating sites are free, such as OkCupid or Plenty of Fish, and some require paid membership, like Match or E-Harmony. The advantage to a paid membership is people who invest may take a venture more seriously and be more accountable - so the chance of encountering scammers and frauds may be reduced.
2.  Tailor to your interests. There are sites that cater to specific groups, like Jdate, Christian Mingle, Gaydate, Black People Meet, Fit Singles, Our Time, etc.
3.  Be safe. Don't give out personal information until you have had a chance to get to know someone. The dating sites are designed so that you can interact without sharing your personal information. Don't give out your address, phone number or email at first. Agree to meet for a  first date at a public place and have your own transportation. Once you have more time and real life experience with someone, you can begin to share more.
4.  Never give money to someone you just met online. Unfortunately, there are unsavory sorts who look for victims online.
5.  Enlist your friends. Ask for help when choosing a profile picture and filling out a profile form that lets potential dates know who you are. 
6.  Let yourself shine. Make sure your profile expresses your goals, values, and lifestyle choices that make you unique. Avoid cliches, as there are too many people out there that enjoy 'long walks on the beach'.
7.  Show a little humor. Most people love and resond well to humor.
8.  Be resilient. It may take awhile to meet someone you truly click with. Try to enjoy the process of getting to know someone. Even if there is no romantic spark, you may find a friend while having coffee. 
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