Gratitude: A Message From Our Executive Director, Lauren Schwartz

Lauren Schwartz picture from HUT2017

Thanksgiving is a special day of gratitude, but Judaism teaches us the value of gratitude in our daily life. Traditionally each morning in Judaism we are commanded to wake up and before rising say the Modeh Ani prayer. Literally, Modeh Ani means “Grateful, I am.”

What difference can it make to start the day with the word “Grateful”? In a busy world of stress and responsibilities, it is easy to forget the things we value in our lives. When a difficult situation or relationship overwhelms us or brings us down, we often lose sight of that which is positive. Beginning each day with gratitude can set your mind and heart on a different course and impact your whole day.

At CJFS, we have much to be grateful for, beginning with YOU!

  •      -If you are a client, you add richness to our agency, give us hope and inspiration, and honor us by trusting us to serve you.
  •      -If you are a volunteer, you help us broaden our impact on those we serve, lend your experience, and support us in improving quality of life.
  •      -If you are a donor or funder, your gift enables positive change, providing the needed resources and expertise that strengthen our clients and their families.
  •      -And if you are a CJFS staff person, your big heart, your patience, and your guidance make us the caring, effective organization of which we are so proud.

Every day, I am grateful for the opportunity to lead this organization, to know and learn from all of our stakeholders, and to make a difference, large or small, in the lives of others.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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