Counselor's Corner September 2016

  September Counselor’s Corner

Pivotal Choices in Life
by Stu Jaffe, LCSW

At a time of loss or crisis in our lives, we’re often faced with a pivotal choice. A death, divorce, illness, job loss or other negative event can lead us to a pivot point. The direction in which we choose to pivot can have a great impact, setting a pattern for the way we will respond to other challenges going forward.

I thought of this during a recent vacation, as I faced a minor “pivot” of my own. I spent two weeks with about 45 extended family members, honoring a 30-year tradition in a lovely Delaware beach town. This time was magical for me, and the only drag on my spirits was an injury I sustained during the trip. Nothing truly serious – but as a runner for the past 40-years, I have a hard time accepting any circumstance that disrupts my exercise. For me, this injury presented a

pivotal moment – the moment I decided to engage in physical therapy and to accept the limits that will allow my body to heal.  

I also thought of this the other day when watching “Regarding Henry,” one of my favorite films from the early 1990s. Harrison Ford plays an attorney who is shot and, as a result, suffers significant cognitive impairment and memory loss. After he is released from rehabilitation, Henry and his wife attend a party where he overhears a disparaging comment about his diminished cognitive capacity. The incident devastates Henry, sending him into a dark period. His physical therapist comes to visit him and shares a story of a pivot in his own life – the injury that ended his college football career but led him to a new, fulfilling path. This story, in turn, provides a needed pivot for Henry, enabling him to move forward.

When facing a loss or major challenge in life, we often face a pivot of some kind. The choices we make can help determine our quality of life going forward – and they can influence the options that will be open to us.


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