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Four Simple Words to Help You Live Well

The above phrase headlined a piece, written by Tara Parker-Pope, that appeared in the New York Times on Jan. 2. The article naturally caught my attention, as helping clients pursue emotional wellness is a big part of my work as a therapist at CJFS. The author summarized her years of researching wellness into 4 words: Move, Nourish, Refresh and Connect. It made sense to me. I had to read on.

Move: If you move your body daily, it will be better for you than not. I often have told clients that “if you don’t use it, you may lose it.” Be intentional and make movement a priority in your life.
Nourish: Eating well helps you feel well. This is common sense and something we often hear in the news and from our medical professionals, but it’s worth repeating: You really are what you eat!
Refresh: Find balance in your life by taking the time to give yourself a break. Taking time to recharge your batteries will make you feel better. We need not push ourselves too hard all the time as this can lead to burn out and lower productivity.
Connect: Reaching out to and interacting with others, especially family and friends, is a critical lifeline for everyone. This pertains to old and new relationships. Too much social isolation can have a negative effect on our physical and emotional well-being.

With the beginning of another new year, now is a good time to take an objective look at the life you are living. Are you currently living your best life? Consider the positive changes that you can make in 2019. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but with a little progress each day in the right direction, you can be on your way to a physically, emotionally and mentally better version of yourself!

Want to develop strategies and tools for living a more fulfilled life? A few sessions with a Licensed Clinical Social Workers at CJFS can help!

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