Counseling and Caring for Mr. W

CJFS takes pride in providing professional, discrete counseling services to those in need. We have changed the name of the following client and used a stock photo image to protect the client’s identity.

Counseling & Caring for older adults from CJFS of Birmingham

In late 2010, Mr. W. was an independent man in his late 60’s when his life dramatically changed. He had a serious fall that drastically reduced his vision. While not completely blind, he could no longer drive and was dependent on others for all kinds of daily tasks. He was constantly falling and breaking things as he struggled to adjust to his new disability. Because he had trouble getting to work, he was losing income. He was even beginning to lose some friends. As his losses began to mount, so did his feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and depression. In early 2011, knowing he needed help coping, he came to CJFS for counseling. With counseling he grieved for his many losses and was able to come to a place where he could make plans for the future, a new future.

As he began to accept his new limitations, it became clear that Mr. W. needed additional services to successfully remain independent. As a single man with no children in the area, he needed assistance in his home. His Clinical Social Worker referred him to the CJFS Personal Care and Just Like Family Programs. As a team, the Clinical Social Worker, the Personal Care Attendant, and the Assistant Care Manager worked to support Mr. W. as he made positive changes in his life and his environment. The Personal Care Attendant ensured that the cleaning, organizing, and arranging of Mr. W’s apartment was functional for a legally blind person. The Assistant Care Manager helped read and respond to emails, file personal paperwork, and write checks to pay bills; greatly reducing the frustration associated with the blindness while still providing a sense of control over his personal business.

Through counseling, Mr. W. realized that he needed to learn to truly manage and master his environment as a blind person. In 2012, he worked with his social worker to consider several vision rehabilitation programs and selected the one that would best meet his needs; he successfully applied for admission and grant funds. Though the rehab facility is not local, CJFS continues to provide emotional support through weekly phone counseling sessions.

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