CJFS Case Manager LaBrena "Bre" Friend...Empowering Her Clients

Imagine you’re entering your 60s, struggling with mental health issues, unable to work and living out of a hotel room. You suffer from physical ailments as well, but you don’t have a primary care physician, so those go unchecked. Your family lives far away, and in any case, you’d rather not burden them. You want nothing more than to get your life back on track but have no idea where or how to begin.  

Enter Bre Friend, a Licensed Master Social Worker who joined the CJFS professional staff in April of this year. In a matter of months, Bre was able to locate an apartment this client could afford, set it up with furniture and utilities and work with the client to develop a sustainable budget. She found the client a primary care physician and therapist who are optimizing his physical and mental health. She continues to act as a liaison between the client and his doctors, ensuring that he has continued quality of care. Bre also set this client up with an emergency response system that allows him to call for emergency assistance via a device worn on the wrist.  

This client is among more than 20 individuals and families for whom Bre provides Case Management services, a role Bre describes as “being an advocate” for clients.

“I help connect my clients with the many resources available to them within the community,” she says.  “My goal is maximizing those resources, teaching the clients how to manage them and ultimately empowering them to become advocates for themselves. When these goals come together, my clients gain a strong sense of empowerment and are able to live more fulfilling, independent lives…and nothing brings me more joy than seeing the smile on their face when they realize they are still vital, valuable members of our society.”


CJFS provides Professional Case Management for people of every income category, religion and race.

Could Case Management help you improve quality of life for yourself or a loved one?

Contact CJFS Clinical Director Stu Jaffe, stu@cjfsbham.org or 205.879.3438.