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Counselor's Corner

The Year of 2000 and Chai

by Stu Jaffe, LCSW

I was speaking with our own wonderful Amy Peetluk and she shared a powerful observation well worth incorporating into this month’s Counselor’s Corner. Amy, a CJFS Assistant Care Manager, shared that as she pondered the coming of the New Year, she recognized this is the year 2000 + Chai! A year to be filled with life, richness, and good.

Amy told me that this simple recognition has helped her begin navigating this year on an upbeat and energetic note, anticipating the good that lies ahead.

Like Amy’s realization, simple ideas can help us see, feel, and live each day of this New Year with energy and expectation.

Consider the following:

  • Start or maintain a Gratitude Journal, a place to record positive experiences each day. Unfortunately, many hold onto negative thoughts and feelings more easily than positive ones. Picture a scale on which the negative thoughts and feelings carry more weight. Record all and anything that you are grateful for day-to-day. Refer to this resource on a day that you are feeling blue or less positive.
  • As you move through each day, take note of when you feel most alive and fulfilled. Add these moments to your Gratitude Journal.
  • Notice moments when you feel less inspired. Are there facets of your life, ruminations that arise again and again? What changes are you being driven to consider?
  • Are there things you need to let go of in this New Year? Things that you need to do more of and amplify today?
  • Are there causes of importance to you that need your talent and experience? Engage, support, and feel the blessings of your involvement.

Amy, I am wishing you and every reader of this column a joyous New Year, a year filled with Chai, a year that helps you fill your Gratitude Journal and reach for another.

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