Fingermans Happy to Donate 'The Beast'

Fingermans Happy to Donate 'The Beast' to Support CJFS 

When Cathy and Irwin Fingerman decided to sell their 1999 Isuzu Rodeo, it was with bittersweet emotions. They had purchased the SUV as a “work vehicle” for Irwin, an optometrist, to travel between offices.

“We never expected it to go through the work years, be used by two teenage boys and make it to 217,000 miles!” Cathy wrote. The vehicle earned the nickname 'The Beast,' she added, “because it truly has been a beast of burden and has come in very handy in hauling things in recent years.”

As much as they were ready to let 'The Beast' go, the Fingermans were hesitant to sell it. “It’s an old car, and anything could go wrong on it,” Cathy said. When they learned they could donate 'The Beast' to CJFS through the CARS program, their dilemma was solved. “We admire the work of CJFS, especially your work with seniors and your support for survivors of Hurricane Katrina, both of which we have seen first-hand,” Cathy wrote. “We hope that our 'Beast' can help now to lighten the load a bit for CJFS.”

The CARS program simplifies the auto donation program for donors and non-profit agencies like CJFS. Here’s how it works: A local auto auction house, in any part of the country, comes and picks up the donated vehicle, wherever it is parked, whether or not it is drivable. Once the vehicle is sold, the donor receives a tax receipt for the full sale price. CJFS receives 90% of the sale price, 5% goes to the auction house and 5% goes to CARS, the non-profit organization that manages the entire transaction. “It couldn’t have gone more smoothly,” Irwin reported after The Beast was driven away.

In the last six months, CJFS has received nearly $2,400 in donations through CARS! If you have a used car or truck you don’t need, please consider donating it through CARS to support CJFS.

To read about the CARS donation process, visit

To donate your car, visit or contact Elaine Witt, or 205.879.3439.